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If you are interested to learn surfing looking for a competent instructor, trained to develop the necessary skills and get ready to take your first waves.

the instructor will help you to choose the board  that suits you. The greater the volume of the table and is easier to maintain balance and paddling in the waves. All this makes the experience much more enjoyable for most students.

 Beginners should stay close to the shore until you acquire enough experience with easy waves.

before entering the water The "taking off" (also called "popping up" in surfing lingo) is the time when the you  takes the wave and get up on the board. This movement requires a bit 'of practice

While you are lying on the board, raise the hands from the water and take them close to the chest, with flat palms on the surf-board and fingers resting on the edge.

Once you've raised, bend your knees, keep your arms relaxed and away from the body, feet should be flat and adherent to the board, the upper body slightly bent forward to lower the center of gravity.

Proper posture also plans to keep looking in the direction in which you move.

you paddle with long and deep movements that depart from the tip towards the back of the board, stretching his arms as much as possible.

With one quick, short motion, push the upper body by force of arms and carries her feet under you. One foot must occupy the space where there were hands, and the other must be left behind, spread apart at shoulder width (as a minimum).

Begin practicing areas for beginners, away from the experienced surfers. under instructor control

Do not surf alone, especially if you're a beginner. Even the presence of a friend on the beach is better than nothing.

The best way to prepare to enter the water is to contact an instructor. This is the most effective way to learn the basics of surfing methodically and clearly., The instructor will teach you everything you need to know and will give you some tips that will help you enter the world of this sport while having fun.

When you see the wave onset put yourself in position near the crest of the same, but you should not look like the usual "hog waves". When you're happy and you're in good position, paddle with all your strength and all you've got!

When you realize the speed and wave movement and have the feeling of having taken its momentum, then it's time to get up on the board using the technique you learned earlier.

Some describe the ability to catch waves and ride them as an experience that changes your life.

I invite you to learn with us, to improve us if already a surfer and to live with us the life and the passion for surfing.

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